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  Gene with Benny Goodman, 1937. With Benny Goodman, 1937.

Harry Goodman, Gene & Harry James at the Savoy Ballroom, 1937. Savoy Ballroom 1937

Gene at his Radio Kings During the filming of "Some Like It Hot", 1938.(photo courtesy of Randy Lambert).

As he'll always be remembered, smiling with hair dangling in his eyes. A Killer

  First Band 1938-40 Gene at his Radio Kings with his first big band, circa 1938.

Ethel & Gene Gene with wife Ethel at his right in 1938 (courtesy of Lee Sherpa).

Gene working over his floor tom. Floor Tom

A great photo of Gene at kit with Lee Sherpa on the left, 1939 (courtesy of Lee Sherpa). 1939

Another action shot, same date as above. 1939

Radio King Conga Gene with his custom Radio King conga-type drum, 1939-40 (courtesy of Lee Sherpa).

Cafe Rouge 1941 At the Cafe Rouge, 1941. Roy Eldridge at Gene's left (courtesy of Paul Testa)

  First Drum Contest, 1941 First Drum Contest, 1941. Louie Bellson & H.H. Slingerland to Gene's right.

Gene with 17 year-old Louie Bellson, winner of the first drum contest. Gene & Louie Bellson, 1941.

  Publicity Still Early 40's Fan Club publicity still (photo courtesy of Randy Lambert).

Early 40's Fan Club publicity still (photo courtesy of Randy Lambert). Publicity Still

  Multiple Exposure shot Gjon Mili's multiple exposure shoot of Gene, 1941.

Another Gjon Mili multi-exposure photo of Gene. Multiple Exposure shot

  Publicity Still 1942 Fan Club publicity still from 1942.

Gene hamming it up for early 40's publicity still. early 40's publicity still

  Gene circa 1944. Circa 1944 at the "Let's Go USA, Keep 'Em Flying" kit.

The Jazz Trio with Charlie Ventura and Teddy Napoleon, 1945. Gene Krupa Jazz Trio

Late 40's. Great shot from the late 1940's.

  Studio In the recording studio in the early 1950's.

Al Hirschfeld's famous Benny Goodman Trio cartoon from 1953. Hirschfeld cartoon.

  Gene & Cozy Gene & Cozy Cole, mid-fifties.

  With Cozy Cole 1954 Gene playing the bongos with Cozy Cole at the conga, 1954.

Gene, Teddy Wilson & Benny Goodman during a mid-fifties Trio Reunion. Gene, Teddy Wilson & Benny.

Eddie Wasserman, Teddy Napoleon (in front) and Gene in 1957 (courtesy of Lee Sherpa) Wasserman & Napoleon

  Gene's brushesGene's brushes from the 1958 Verve Lp "Gene Krupa Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements."   (courtesy of Philip Dossick)

Gene with fellow drummers Buddy Rich and Max Roach. with Buddy & Max

  Gene on stage in the 1950's Classic photo of Gene on stage in the 1950's

Gene in the late 50's with Steve Allen, Woody Herman & Jack Teagarden. Gene with Steve Allen

  Slingerland Promo Slingerland promo shot from around 1960.

Chicago & All That Jazz TV Special, 1961 (courtesy of Paul Testa). Chicago and All That Jazz '61

Rogers kit Gene at a Rogers kit in Dodgers Stadium, 1962.

In the studio recording "Burnin' Beat", 1962. Burnin' Beat

Dean Martin Show, 1965. On the Dean Martin Show, 1965.

Dean Martin Show, 1965. Dean Martin Show

Metropole, 1967 At the Metropole, 1967 (courtesy of Paul Testa).

  Anniversary In 1968 with Benny Goodman and trumpeter Ziggy Elman.

Carnegie Hall Reunion, 1973 Carnegie Hall Reunion with Benny Goodman, 1973 (courtesy of Paul Testa).

Gene shortly before his death, playing a set of Gretsch drums. Gene shortly before his death.

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