A Tribute to Gene Krupa Drum & Cymbal Setups

The Legends Series Gene Krupa Signature Drum Kit
by Slingerland (1998)

Gene Krupa Signature Drumkit

The Slingerland GK Signature Kit released in 1998 was designed to represent the configuration Gene used through most of his career. He occasionally used smaller or larger bass drums(22", 26", 28") and a 5 1/2" snare. Slingerland issued several Gene Krupa drumkits over the years(see below) as well as Gene Krupa model snare drums(Radio King and Sound King). During the 60's and 70's, Gene often played a GK Model chrome-over-brass snare(5 1/2" and 6 1/2").

-6 1/2"x14" Gene Krupa Artist Radio King snare drum.
-9"x13" tom, 16"x16" floor tom(additional 16"x18" floor tom available), 14"x24" bass drum.
-Gene Krupa signature plate mounted on bass drum, exclusive serial numbering on each drum.
-Exclusive Gene Krupa Signature drumheads, GK crest monogrammed on front bass drum head.
-Classic White Marine Pearl finish & Slingerland Classic cloud badges.
-Set-O-Matic tom holder.

There are only a few instances when Gene ever played drums made by any other company. The legendary Billy Gladstone built a snare drum for Gene in the early 1950's, which he used on occasion. Gene also owned two Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare drums (1 wood & 1 chrome-over-brass) that were fitted with Slingerland Sound King lug casings.  Bob Grauso also built several fiberglass snare drums for Gene, which were fitted with Slingerland hardware.

Original Slingerland Gene Krupa Drumkit Ensembles
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Super Radio King Deluxe
Super Radio King Deluxe - 1941
Deluxe Radio King
Deluxe Radio King - 1948-1955
Krupa Deluxe
Deluxe Ensemble - 1957-1973

1950's Zildjian Set-Up Advertisement Gene's 1950's Zildjian Cymbal Setup:

13" or 14' Hi-Hats (medium)
16" Crash (medium)
8" Splash (paper-thin)
24" Ride (heavy)
16 or 17'" Crash (medium-heavy)

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