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Interview with Gene as he discusses his approach and ideas about drumming. Recorded in 1967 for television show "Dial M for Music."

Interview clip from "Dial M for Music" where Gene discusses his ideas about drumming & his drumming influences.

Interview clip from "Dial M for Music" with Gene discussing his first recording session from 1927.

Voice of America Interview from 1969. Fantastic interview covers Gene's early years complete with rare music clips. This interview aired on shortwave radio so the audio quality varies. Sit back and relax! 25 minutes.

Nobody's Sweetheart - McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans. Gene's first recording session from December 16, 1927. Features Jimmy McPartland, Frank Teschemacher, Bud Freeman, Joe Sullivan and Jimmy Lanigan.

Swing Is Here - Gene Krupa & his Chicagoans. Featuring Roy Eldridge, Benny Goodman, Jess Stacy and Chu Berry. Recorded February 29, 1936.

Bugle Call Rag - Benny Goodman & his Orchestra. Recorded August 21, 1936.

St. Louis Blues - Benny Goodman & his Orchestra. Recorded live November 30, 1937. Gene lays down a mean two-beat behind Harry James.

China Boy - Benny Goodman Quartet. Recorded January 16, 1938 at Carnegie Hall. Excellent brush solo by Gene, incredible bass bomb at the end!

Sing Sing Sing(With a Swing) - Benny Goodman & his Orchestra. Recorded January 16, 1938 at Carnegie Hall. Gene's Anthem which is noted to be the first extended drum solo in jazz.

Wire Brush Stomp - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Recorded June 2, 1938.

Drummin' Man - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Irene Daye on the vocal. Recorded November 2, 1939.

Let Me Off Uptown - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge on vocal. Recorded May 8, 1941.

Massachusetts - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Anita O'Day on the vocal. Recorded July 13, 1942. One of my favorite breaks by Gene, short but fits the tune perfectly.

Oh, Katherina - Eddie Condon "All-Stars." From Condon's legendary series of Town Hall Concerts with a virtual "who's who" of jazz. Features Max Kaminsky, Ernie Caceres, Bob Haggart, Carl Kress and Tony Mottola. Recorded July 22, 1944.

Drum Battle with 8 year old drummer Joey Preston. With Benny Goodman & his Orchestra, funny clip recorded in 1946.

Leave Us Leap - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Recorded January 22, 1945. Gene at his best, this is the way drums are meant to sound! Features the famous Gershwin "Freeze-Beat."

Dark Eyes - Gene Krupa Jazz Trio with Charlie Ventura & Teddy Napoleon. One of the best recorded drum sounds ever! Recorded March 8, 1945.

Don't Be That Way - Benny Goodman & his Orchestra. Drum Battle with a young Louie Bellson. Recorded in 1946.

What's This? - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Features Buddy Stewart's fabulous scat singing. Recorded February 20, 1946.

Wire Brush Stomp - Gene Krupa Jazz Trio with Charlie Ventura & Teddy Napoleon. Recorded February 20, 1946.

Lover - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Recorded February 20, 1946.

Up And Atom - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Recorded same date as above. Features a young Red Rodney on trumpet.

Disc Jockey Jump - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra. Arranged by 19 year old Gerry Mulligan. Recorded January 22, 1947.

Stompin' At the Savoy - Gene Krupa Jazz Trio. Some great press rolls & cymbal work from a 1947 film short.

Melody in F - Gene Krupa & his Orchestra from 1949 film short.

Drum Boogie - Gene's trademark extended solo from Jazz At The Philharmonic. Recorded at Carnegie Hall, September 1952.

The Drum Battle - Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich. The first showdown between Gene & Buddy at JATP, September 1952.

Gene's Blues - Gene Krupa with Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie, Illinois Jacquet, Oscar Peterson & others. Recorded May 16 or November 1 1955.

Bernie's Tune - Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. Recorded May 16 or November 1, 1955. Drum Battle between Gene & Buddy from the Lp "Krupa & Rich."

Sing, Sing, Sing - Gene Krupa Quartet featuring Eddie Shu. Recorded in 1956, Jazz At The Philharmonic.

Gene's Solo Flight - Gene Krupa Quartet. Recorded June 26, 1957.

The Gene Krupa Story Theme - intro music for the 1959 Sal Mineo film, featuring Gene on drums.

Sweet Georgia Brown - Gene Krupa Quartet featuring Eddie Wasserman on tenor. Recorded live at Chicago's London House, 1959.

American Bolero - Gene Krupa. Excellent example of Gene's classical training. Recorded June 1961.

Duet - Drum Battle(excerpt)with Buddy Rich from 1962's "Burnin' Beat."

Liza - Benny Goodman Quartet Reunion from 1963.

Drum Battle with Buddy Rich. Recorded in 1966 on the Sammy Davis Jr. Show. Gene's weakness from his growing health problems is sadly evident.

I'm a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas - Benny Goodman Quartet reunion with George Duvivier on bass. Recorded in July 1973, featured on "Gene Krupa Jazz Legend" video.

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